Frequently Asked Questions

We carry numerous medications for men, women, children and pets. Generally speaking we specialize in compounding of BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement / hormone therapy), but we also cover pediatric, topical pain management, dermatological, dental, and veterinary compounds. We also carry multiple sources of high quality vitamins and nutraceuticals.

Shipping is $8.50 which covers our US postal service priority cost.

Compounding is the creation of a pharmaceutical preparation by a licensed pharmacist to meet the unique needs of an individual when a commercially available drug does not meet those needs. Our customers not be able to tolerate the commercially available drug, the exact preparation needed may not be commercially available, or a customer may require a drug that is currently in shortage or discontinued. We solve for this lack of access.

Our storefront is at 1838 S Coast Highway in Oceanside, California. Please visit us! Many of our customers are all over California as we ship throughout the state.

Yes! We work with family practice physicians, endocrinologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, veterinarians and more. If you are looking for a referral to a physician in your local area we have those, too.

For now, because we only carry compounded medications and over-the-counter medications or other products that do not require a prescription, we do not accept insurance coverage. Most compounded medications are not covered by insurance but if they are we will be sure to fill out a form for you to send to your insurance company demonstrating fill of the script.