Coast Compounding Pharmacy

Customer Reviews

Alison R, 2020 (Google)

Excellent quality on natural/bio-identical meds. They even have vegan (no gelatin) capsules you can request. Dieter and his team are knowledgeable and caring, with 1:1 consultations available.

"I am so happy to have found them having moved from the desert. The pharmacist was extremely knowledgeable, informative and took the time to explain each medicine. Compound pharmacists are scientists in their own right, unlike large chain pharmacies that obtain their medications from large manufacturers. This is complex and each medication is hand made."
Sharon L
"[The Pharmary RX] is supportive and answers all of your questions. They are helpful and work easily with my Dr. Love this compound pharmacy!"
Loren I
"What personal service you get here. We feel like we have someone who can tell us the truth about our medications and that they are part of our wellness team. I am amazed at how knowledgable Dieter is and what a difference he has made in our health regimen. Keep up the great work!!!"
Buster B
"I have been getting my testosterone and my wife gets her estrogen and progesterone at The Pharmary. We really appreciate the service. Always friendly and super responsive. Mail delivery every few months. These medications make a big difference in our lives and you can tell the pharmacy specializes in hormones because they are always knowledgeable when we have questions."
Tom G
"The atmosphere in this place is so amazing. It felt like everyone liked working with each other and everyone was knowledgeable and friendly. I left feeling like I was in a scene from It's A Wonderful life (before the bank closes. When things were easy and happy)... I was given very clear instructions and an extra syringe just Incase. If you ever have to go here for one of their services you will be taken care of. They are great!!"
Ashley J
"I have used compounded medications for many years. This is the best around - very personalized service. Dieter and his staff take the time to answer questions and carefully explain everything."
Dayna V
"My husband and I get our HRT here. So appreciative of this pharmacy and their bioidentical hormone formulations. Years ago I was exhausted and depressed - finally after a few tries I found a doctor to help with my hot flashes. The Pharmary fills all my compound scripts I can't take to the usual pharmacies (cvs, etc), texts for refills and mails to my house - couldn't be easier and after a few adjustments I'm feeling much better. Everyone is so nice, knowledgeable and I'm so grateful!"
Pamela G
"The staff here was so nice and Dieter gave me so much great information about my medication. Very knowledgeable, and explained things very well. Thank you..!!"
Jeanette Y
"I can only agree with the previous two reviewers. Dieter saved my sanity as well! He worked with me for months to get the formulation just right, and follows up to make sure that I'm still happy with it. The staff is always busy but never makes you feel like you are not the most important customer in the store. Wonderful, quick, accurate service, and yes, shipping to your home is available. Thank you, thank you!
Nancy M
"Awesome and unique pharmacy! My doctor recommended The Pharmary for my hormone replacement and DHEA because that’s what they specialize in. Spent twenty minutes with the pharmacist asking questions. Can’t tell you how easy and nice they are every time I call. Wish I could get all my medications there but they don’t do conventional meds like Walgreens, oh well. 5 stars for service."
Susie S
"I absolutely love [The Pharmary RX]! Dieter and his staff are amazing. I have been using a bio identical formulation of hormones + DHEA that I get from Coast for a few months now. They have been excellent in helping me find the right balance to keep me happy, energetic and healthy. They work directly with my doctor and have taken a personal approach to my care. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! I would seriously be a mess right now if not for them! Thank you SO MUCH for all you've done for me!!!!!"

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