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We provide custom consultation services and treatment for thyroid, hormone, menopause, andropause, and so much more.




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Meet part owner, Dieter Steinmetz

We are proud to be your source for unique pharmaceutical needs.

We use integrative, science based information to care for our patients. Meet part owner Dieter Steinmetz, our lead pharmacist with over 2 decades of experience. Here he explains the possible benefits of BHRT treatment. Call today and talk to Dieter, or another qualified team member about how we could possibly assist you in living a more balanced life. 

Our Philosophy is Simple:

Offer treatments based on the best available clinical research and elevate the needs of our customers and clinical provider partners. Hormones aren’t just about feeling good – they are a critical part of the body’s natural defense against chronic disease, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and cognitive decline. We are based in oceanside ca pharmacy. We offer best-in-class treatments to help our customers on both fronts and support educational efforts in support of those aims.

Our Approach:

We are 100% focused on delivering the best medications to our patients and measure ourselves by our customer’s satisfaction and health. In addition to our Board of Pharmacy certification we are PCCA, CPHA, IACP, NCPAX and NAMS medical society members. We deploy real technology to communicate with our customers the way they want – through text message, messaging, free consultations and coming through our door.

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